Sampling Community


Jeremy Corbyn said:”There is human warmth in all of us, there’s a sense of community in all of us.”


Corbyn’s cri de coeur edited, made into a track, and danced to.


Crack magazine says the sample is taken from a speech in Birmingham recently by Jeremy Corbyn.


By the looks and sounds of it the community of the Westminster parliament has had a transforming makeover.


Thank Jeremy.


Jeremy really is very cool after all – digital, termite-cool.


Like Sonia Braga in Aquarius (2016):- Sonia Braga in “Aquarius” by Kleber Mendonça Filho – a film about vinyl, mp3, family, community, love, sex and property development


Is it good to steal, sample, chop up, edit, and compress a sense of community and political vision into a light dance track for hedonists to dance and go crazy to, enjoying themselves?


Could we sample, edit and engineer community the way we do so with Art and Rhetoric?


And so enhance, create, copy or reproduce that human warmth?


And selflessly distribute it?


If we could manufacture, simulate, copy and download socialism, how many would sign up for it? And make a mash up mix of it?


Would that be a good thing?


Or does warm, living, breathing, thinking, human common sense that speaks up for us and them—and me—say that such a thing is absurd?


Or divisive? And leads to breakdown and fragmentation?

Chuck Close IIChuck Close’s analog, painted pixels in a huge self-portrait.


Jeremy is analog. Should his authentic vinyl grooves be needle-dropped, chopped and served up as empty bytes of digital, sonic slurry to possess the living and drive them into embodied, jerking spasms?


Should his soft, human spirit be running upon the people’s hardware?










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